Challenge! Can you live on £31 for one month?

The challenge is set – spend only £31 on food and make it to the 31st January healthy and in one piece!

Check it out on my Youtube channel!

But… why?

I want to see how well one can live, food wise, on a very strict budget. I think it’s easy to take food for granted; buy whatever takes our fancy and throw away what we don’t use. With this challenge I’ll really focus on making every penny count and see what kind of meals I can come up with in order to eat well for £1 per day.

The Rules

  1. It isn’t £1 per day – it’s £31 for the month of January. This will allow me to buy products in one go that I can make multiple meals with. For example… a big bag of potatoes!
  2. Under no circumstances do you spend over £31. If you do – the challenge is over.
  3. I haven’t told anyone about this challenge, except my wife, so if someone offers me food I can take it as long as it is free of charge. As long as something doesn’t eat into my budget I can accept it. I can’t accept anything from anyone that knows what’s going on.


I haven’t really thought about meal plans yet, but I will need to do that to make this a success. I suspect, lots of potatoes, pasta and other such bulky carbs will be a good approach. Porridge probably too.

My employer offers free fruit, milk and tea coffee, so I will be making use of that. At home I’ll be drinking water. Apart from that, it’s all about what we can muster up in 31 days for £31.

I’ll be updating this blog with my progress and making a short video each day on on my YouTube channel at Pretty Penny.

Let me know what you think in the comments below. Maybe you want to have a go, or have some ideas to help me… send them my way!

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